Vinyl Privacy Fence

    Height Width Panel Post Patterns
    120cm 240cm ฿3,200 ฿700 Click
    150cm 240cm ฿3,500 ฿850 Click
    180cm 240cm ฿3,800 ฿1000 Click
    Accept custom size

    Vinyl Privacy Fence / Upvc Privacy Fence

    A good vinyl privacy fence can add comfort as a visual barrier as well as security to your home. If you like to keep to yourself and prefer others not looking into your space, privacy fence may be the right answer.


    A vinyl fence can add charm and value to your property as they are beautifully decorated and designed with various innovative styles.

    Strong and Durable

    Vinyl has five-times the tensile strength of wood and four-times the flexibility. Will not go moldy, rust, rot, rupture and yellow. Has been field tested for 20 years and laboratory tested to 50 years


    Never needs painting, maintenance free. Most economic long-term solution for your fencing. Safe No harmful chemical material,no metal exposed, safe for your kids and pets

    Installation Guide - Into the soil (for example 240 cm panel)

    Step 1 Set up the corner posts,dig the holes approximately 20 cm wide and 50 cm deep. Pull straight line from the start to the end.
    Step 2 Dig the holes for posts every 240cm. Assemble the vinyl fence panel together. The rails are locked to posts by notches
    Step 3 Fill the post holes with concrete. Using the level to keep the posts straight. Pull another string on the top to keep the fence level.
    Step 4 Cap the posts by pvc glue or super glue.Clean the vinyl fence.